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September 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

I haven’t been blogging for a few weeks now as I’ve started working on a really exciting project that means I am away from my computer for most of the time. I’ve had a fantastic time and luckily, it isn’t over yet! I recently went to help out with renovating a pub in Norwich – The Marquee pub at the top of Rose Lane – which also happens to be my favourite pub in Norwich. I went along for an afternoon to strip paint and tidy up as the pub was in a really bad state and needed lots of building and renovation work done to it by the new owners. I got talking to one of the owners Jamie, about my tattoos and explained I was an artist. He went away+came back asking what I thought about doing some artwork in the pub. This turned into several conversations and I started to come up with ideas for themes and looks in the various rooms in the pub. Since then, I’ve been working solidly on it and am hoping this will create new commissions for mural work. I don’t however think of myself as a painter, as I’ve always found drawing more enjoyable, but painting on such a large scale has really helped to develop my creative eye, especially when working to a brief for a new client on a totally new ideas and ways of working.

I’ve attached some photos taken from my camera, but will be getting professional photos taken, once the work is all complete! The photos here are very blurry and bad quality, so apologies!

New logo painted on the bar

A whole wall in hallway to toilets has been covered in music scores –
different genres from rock, jazz, classical etc, even film OST

Great Red Dwarf quote painted on wall in Games Room

Quotes painted on wall in Games Room

Tournament board in Game Room, painted with blackboard paint. The idea for this was instead of a typical rectangular board, to have a  nod to medieval tournaments with the shape of a shield, and instead of ‘HOME’ and ‘AWAY’, I have painted ‘THEM’ and ‘US’.

Large abstract pencil and watercolour painting of Norwich Castle

Lifesize figures, painted as silhouettes using spray paint and emulsion on wall by the bar.

So that’s the painting work from the last few weeks, plenty more to go! More sign writing and I still have the men and womens toilets to do. These will be designed very differently but will still be fantastic, people will want to stop by the pub, just to see how the toilets look! There is also two very large designs that will be printed on vinyl and attached to two walls in the pub, but these will be done last.

Please do pop along to the Marquee when it is open – aiming for mid October, but check the website as the official open date will be on there –

After this project, I will be getting some drawings made into giclee prints, to be sent abroad for a new year-long touring exhibition around Italy, starting in January. The art fun never stops!!


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